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Be a Nosy Neighbour with the Gosport Globe

JOIN the Gosport Globe’s ‘Nosy Neighbour’ scheme and help to protect vulnerable people living in your area.

We don’t ask you to whip out the instamatic and keep a dossier on all visitors calling at the house down the street. Nor do we expect you to install security cameras that can zoom in on the next door garden. But if you suspect that someone close by is having difficulty, be nosy…in the best possible way!

It might be an elderly, possibly infirm, pensioner is being plagued by vandals, cold-callers or even through having litter dumped over their front gate. Maybe someone you normally say ‘Good Morning’ to hasn’t been making their routine trip to the corner shop for the past few days. Or it could be that a stranger has been loitering outside the home of a family you know to be away on holiday.

Whatever the cause for concern, be a Nosy Neighbour with the Gosport Globe and call us on
(023) 9260 2418 or email . We’ll take the details, check them out and, if necessary, alert the police, council or social services without revealing your identity.

Gosport has excellent community policing and neighbourhood watch programmes but it is always possible for a problem to go unnoticed or unreported. Whether you want to display ‘I’m a Nosy Neighbour with the Gosport Globe’ stickers in your front window and car windscreen or simply operate ‘undercover’, don’t turn a blind eye – stick your nose in and let us know!

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